Brad Biddle Personal Site
This site provides some basic professional and personal information about me.  I'm a technology lawyer (employed by Intel), intermittent academic (ASU LawStanford), and sustainability advocate (e.g. Desert Biofuels Initiative, Open Bike Initiative).  In 2011 I relocated from Phoenix, Arizona to Portland, Oregon.  

This site includes:
Some other sites that might be of interest:
  • I'm currently very involved with a bike sharing project called Open Bike Initiative; see (article here). 
  • Material related to my 2010 technology standards seminar at ASU Law is at
  • Desert Biofuels Initiative is the non-profit I co-founded in 2007; see (some nice articles about this project can be found here and here).
  • I coordinated a project called Brownfields and the Arts (BATA); see (soon to be deprecated and archived here).
  • I also intermittently maintain pages on various social networking sites: professional info about me is found in my LinkedIn profile and my Avvo page; I also manage @biddle and @StandardsLaw on Twitter.  My Google Profile has some other relevant links.
Intel Corp. posted a short video that features an algae biofuels/CO2 capture project I coordinated (starting at the 2:00 mark):